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The fake social media campaign #BoycottIndianProducts aims to damage India’s connections to the Arab world


10/3/2021 8:38 am IS

New Delhi / Doha, [India/Qatar] October 03 (ANI): A social media campaign #BoycottIndianProducts, which has become a trending hashtag on Twitter in recent days, aims to damage India’s bilateral relations with the Middle East and denigrate its image internationally.
The Indian embassy in Doha responded to the campaign, calling it vicious.
On September 29th, the embassy tweeted: “There is a malicious attempt on social media to spread hatred and disharmony through false propaganda against India. All Indian nationals are advised to maintain unity and harmony. “

Malicious attempts are made on social media to use false propaganda to spread hatred and disharmony about India. We urge everyone to exercise caution and not fall victim to fake attacks, propaganda and fake videos. All Indian nationals are advised to maintain unity and harmony.

– India in Qatar (@IndEmbDoha) September 28, 2021

A recent report by the Disinfo Lab revealed how the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), a Qatar-based religious and radical organization, began the campaign against India and was driven further by the Qatar-Turkey-Pakistan nexus.
However, the boycott campaign #BoycottIndianProducts wasn’t the first time the Nexus has targeted New Delhi’s economic interests. The campaign has been running since 2018 and was carried out every year (Jan 2018; Feb 2019; and Sept. 2020) until 2021. This year the malicious campaign began a few days ago and has been an annual ritual ever since.
“The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) launched the #BoycottIndiaProducts campaign, which was all peppered with an overwhelming amount of fake news. The campaign was also promoted by several ‘news media’ including Al Jazeera, Arabi21, Al-Araby, Al-Istikal, all affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Nexus also projected how the boycott campaign was triggered by the recent Assam incident, “the results of the Disinfo Lab revealed.
Several influential MB leaders spearheaded the boycott campaign against India by distributing news and videos that had already been proven falsified by verified fact-checkers and the media.
Coincidentally, this is the same Nexus that ran a similar campaign against France last year calling for a boycott of French products.
The report says that the Qatar-Turkey-Pakistan (QTP) nexus has tried, with the blessing of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), to become a new center for radical Islamists. Saudi Arabia declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group in 2014 and launched a campaign to denounce the radical group in 2020.
The QTP nexus also targeted Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, particularly Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS), because of its good relations with India. The same nexus targets Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates by challenging their “right” to be the leader of the Islamic world.
“The idea is obvious – discrediting MBS would make Turkey’s leader Erdogan the rightful leader of the Ummah.”
By running such boycott campaigns on social media, these countries have used this as a tactical scheme to take center stage in the Islamic world.
“And once the QTP nexus takes center stage in the Islamic world, it would create an exclusionary economy of gigantic proportions. The economic power that the nexus is building will not only affect the Muslim world, but would dictate conditions around the world – in the name of adapting to this huge market, ”the report said.
The report also noted how Pakistan is using all its might in the information war against India by taking advantage of such campaigns. Several Pakistani IT cell and troll accounts used the campaign to slander India and create a good image for Pakistan by boycotting Indian food and promoting theirs on Twitter.
Disinfo Lab noted that troll groups like @WeareTeamGP, @EmergingTeam, @WeTeamISP_, @WEareISPIANS, @WeAreVOIK are the main groups driving Pakistani rice on social media.
In recent years India’s bilateral and trade relations with the Arab world have increased significantly. Around 15 Indian states and nine central ministries will take part in Dubai Expo 2020 to present the creation of “New India” to the world.
Indian conglomerates and global companies, including Tata Group, Reliance, Adani, Vedanta, Hinduja Group and L&T, are largely participating in Expo 2020 Dubai.
The recent fake #BoycottIndianProducts campaign is a “deliberate attempt to damage India’s business relations with the Arab world”. (ANI)


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