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Cortez Masto is targeted by the Republican National Committee’s digital display


The Republican National Committee this week bought a series of digital ads criticizing Senator Catherine Cortez Masto as part of a national campaign against HR 1, the Democrats’ electoral reform law.

The six-digit ad campaign will run on Google, Facebook and local and national news sites in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and New Hampshire, the RNC said. It is aimed at incumbent Democratic senators in each state who are standing for re-election in 2022.

HR 1 would overhaul American elections by restricting voter identification laws, expanding automatic same-day voter registration and voting by mail, and allowing someone else’s signed postal vote to be legally picked up – all as early as 2020 in Nevada in effect were choices. The Nevada legislature will likely make these changes permanent this year.

It would also drastically change the rules on campaign funding by allowing the federal government to increase small campaign donations by 6: 1, which Democrats are hoping to curb the influence of wealthy campaign donors. It would reform the federal electoral committee and set new rules for political online advertising.

“Democrats are attempting an outrageous seizure of power through HR 1 that will fundamentally change our entire electoral system and degrade the integrity of the vote, but we will not let them get away with it,” RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.

The bill was only recently picked up by the Senate, where it is unlikely to get the 60 votes required to pass it. Cortez Masto presented an almost identical Senate draft in 2019.

The ads accused Cortez Masto of “using your tax dollars to vote for more radical liberal candidates”.

“While Senator Cortez Masto is fighting to crack down on corruption and defend our democracy, Republicans in Washington are against electoral reform because they want to protect their special interest allies and ultra-rich financiers,” said the Senate Democratic Committee spokesman. Stewart Boss, in response to the ads.

“This is an overwhelmingly popular bill because voters understand the time has come to protect voting rights, make big bucks in politics, and pass ethics reform in Washington,” he added.

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