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But just because the sportswear company wants you to see the sneaker ads doesn’t guarantee you will end up watching those ads. Most digital ads are placed through high-speed automated auctions where advertisers bid to display their ads to consumers.

After all, we are complex personalities: the top-class businessman who rides his mountain bike on the weekend can also be a suburban mom who is enthusiastic about jewelry. Perhaps you are spending a lot of money on skin care products and you might be in the market for a luxury SUV as well. If Cadillac is willing to pay more than L’Oréal, you might see an ad for Escalade 2021. “These ads are decided and placed millisecond by millisecond,” says Strategus’ Joel Cox.

And the system isn’t done with you when you see the ad. Advertisers are eager to keep track of your activity afterward, both online and in the physical world, to see how well the marketing has worked or to show you a follow-up ad later.

“If you go to a store and then go home, we can place an ad and know that you’ve just spent 50 minutes at a Best Buy,” said Frank O’Brien, CEO of Five Tier. Then “we can tell if someone saw an ad, when they saw an ad, and what they did afterwards.” Five Tier resulted in 2,841 heating and air conditioning maintenance appointments and more than 4,000 visits to the HVAC company’s website to the placement of these targeted TV commercials in Georgia.

Not all of the data streams that enable such tracking are perfectly integrated yet, but ad tech firms are working hard on it, from Google and Facebook to specialist companies like Five Tier. In addition to televisions, phones, and computers, targeted advertising and consumer tracking have even spread to digital billboards and screens on gas pumps that display different advertisements as people go by.

After all, companies want their advertising campaigns to track you as you switch from your phone to your television, to your car radio to the screen on a treadmill at the gym, while your internet surfing, shopping and travel in the physical world are seamlessly linked to the measurement how well the ads work. Once everything is synced the way ad tech companies want it to be, they can turn any of your steps into a data point and another opportunity to turn your attention into advertising money.

“It’s only a matter of time,” says O’Brien. “It’s not that difficult on paper. That will be the world, hopefully for me, in a few years. “


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