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Five things that will fuel the growth of the esports industry


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The new age has adapted very well to the virtual world of esports. They are happy to take on new challenges, to explore amazing new landscapes with different themes and superficial powers that one can only hope for in reality. With the constant evolution of technology, the definition of gaming has become more complex and the industry is overwhelming.

But the future seems to have even more surprises in store for the growing esports fanatics. `

Abhishek Aggarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of Trinity Gaming, India’s top gaming talent management company, has listed the 5 things that will ensure the esports industry grows in the future:


Introduction of 5G: Access to the best technology is vital in the current era of esports and gaming. Considered one of the most influential and exciting developments, 5G offers faster speed and improved latency, giving players a competitive edge. For example, telecommunications giant Airtel hosted India’s very first cloud gaming demo on a LIVE Airtel 5G test network to test gaming on a simple smartphone at record speed and latency. The lag in response, often referred to as latency, is what frustrates gamers the most. Airtel 5G has shown that it can reduce response time from 20 milliseconds to 5 milliseconds. While latency may or may not affect the casual gaming experience, it does affect the efficiency and experience of online multiplayer games like racing and shooting.

For players it would mean winning or losing a game and for their audience it would be the advanced experience. That would certainly give priority to higher bandwidth gaming that the eSports community supports to thrive.

Cloud technology for the gaming industry: The gamer / eSports community is constantly feeding in data. This technology is a boon to keep the information safe from being hacked by an unknown entity. Cloud also enables users to maintain the high quality of the game even when playing on low-end devices.

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It has several advantages, and one of them is that even if your system goes down, you won’t lose your game. With the increasing prevalence of smartphones and a large young population, 5G-based cloud gaming could spread to remote areas and offer gamers the right ecosystem to survive and assert themselves nationally and internationally.

Esports on the way to being recognized as a real sport: E-tournaments are prevalent in all nations and invite top players to compete against each other and take home a huge amount of prize money. Over time it has got a structure / framework on the basis of which it functions with the support of large investors. Its growing power has been felt by the industry and it is gradually making its way into the mainstream as a serious sport. The latest announcement of 8 Esports titles at the 2022 Asian Games is being welcomed by the Esports community, making it even more popular and influential in every way.

Brand cooperation with gaming influencers: Brand Collaboration makes it easier for the eSports community to grow and is a great source of income. These engagements ensure the brand visibility with their target group in an optimized way and win the trust of the loyal supporters of the eSports player. This has revolutionized the perception of gamers in the growing business. Gaming content creators are becoming an effective tool for reaching audiences. Content creators not only play the games, but also entertain their audience. Their fan base is mostly comprised of the 15-30 age group that is most targeted when it comes to advertising. All of the influencers in the market know that gamers have the best audience engagement in terms of viewership and the relationship between viewers and creators. Trinity Gaming helps brands develop innovative branding strategies using these dynamic creators and influencers in the gaming and esports ecosystem.

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Content creation around gaming: It is a young concept that has seen the power to connect with the audience and provide entertainment to a broad segment of the population. These creators bring out a more dynamic aspect of esports, share their experiences, do’s and don’ts, etc., and are now a strong part of the community. They have successfully attracted the attention of viewers who are not even part of the gaming ecosystem, making it more diverse and relatable to all. Trinity Gaming has created a unique ecosystem for gaming content creators and currently has a clan of more than 250 top creators who have worked with India’s top brands.

The possibilities are limitless and it would certainly be interesting to see what the future of the eSports industry has in store.

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