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Gutfeld beats up “despicable” Biden and “ghulish freak” Mayorkas while spreading the “hoax” of the CBP horse whip


President Biden condemned Border Patrol agents on a debunked claim that an agent “buckled” illegal immigrants into the United States, proving he was both “a shell of himself” and a “mindless invalid” is host Greg Gutfeld said Friday on “The Five”.

Gutfeld also had criticism of Biden’s Homeland Security chief Alejandro N. Mayorkas after the secretary appeared to promptly change his previously cautious tone regarding the incident.

“[H]e is absolutely despicable. Joe Biden is despicable – Mayorkas is a creepy freak – they are disgusting – and they have become vehicles for hatred and disagreement, ”he said.

“[They’re] Point your finger at people who are just trying to do their job. ‘I promise these people will pay’? These people are not only innocent and witch-hunted by the media and Democrats, “he said, citing Biden’s promise to punish the border guards photographed for what turned out to be attempts to control their characteristically shy journeys, and none Attacks on illegal migrants.

“They are doing their job and protecting the border because this mindless sick man we call President is not doing his job,” added Gutfeld.

The “Gutfeld!” Host noted that Biden, characteristically, never sided with the American citizen; especially those who have vowed to enforce the laws his government executes.

He called the horse-whip fallacy “worse than the ‘fine people’ hoax” for which the media flatly condemned President Trump.


On “The Five,” Gutfeld added that Biden has become a “shell of himself” controlled by the left wing Democrats – noting that the president appears more angry at the exposed photo than at the revelation his Pentagon made “Roared”. seven children “in Afghanistan” out of sheer incompetence “.

Host Jesse Watters added that Biden had said worse things about border officials than violent Mexican drug cartels.

He and the other hosts further asked what effect the apparently biased words of Biden and Mayorkas will have on the current investigation into the horse incident.


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