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Media Literacy

Conference on media literacy in the EU-Western Balkans in Skopje on September 27th


SKOPJE – The delegation of the European Union in North Macedonia and the Macedonian Institute for Media are organizing the regional media competence conference EU-Western Balkans “Building Resilience to Disinformation” on Monday, September 27th.

The conference will be opened by the President of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski. The participants will then also be addressed by Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and HE Ambassador David Geer, Head of the European Union Delegation in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The event is registered on the Future of Europe Conference platform and will combine physical presence in Skopje, North Macedonia and online participation.

This is a second conference of its kind, supported by the European Union. The conference in Skopje builds on the results of the first EU-Western Balkans MIL conference organized in Sarajevo and Banja Luka in 2020. This results in recommendations that are intended to promote effective measures against disinformation and the further development of media literacy.

During the conference, fact checkers, journalists, experts and authorities from the six Western Balkans partners and the EU will address the issues of disinformation, social media and the challenges of professional journalism and the importance of media literacy in the context of new media.

The first panel of the conference “Resilience to Disinformation: A Common Challenge for Institutions, Media and Citizens” will highlight some of the challenges that North Macedonia faces in the area of ​​disinformation and compare them with the experiences of other countries in the region and the EU, such as Albania and Latvia, and examine the need for a holistic approach to be taken by different social actors in tackling the problem of disinformation.

In the second panel, “Reporting 2.0: Have social networks and disinformation redefined reporting?” The speakers focus on the ongoing digital transformation of journalism. One of the questions the panel will ask is how to stay relevant, influential and trustworthy sources in an ever-changing media environment.

The third panel “Digital Citizens: Resilient Online Navigation” focuses on the skills, knowledge and behavior of citizens as consumers and producers of media content. The focus of the panel is the importance of media and information literacy as a prerequisite for critical thinking, informed decision-making and for a functioning democracy.

Citizens can follow and get involved via zoom. The event, which starts at 1:00 p.m., will also be broadcast on the dedicated website.


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