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Experience music without having to connect your phone with tarbull neck straps


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~ The premium lifestyle electronics brand is committed to bringing #MoreThanTheRest products to their customers ~

Tarbull, a premium lifestyle electronics brand, launches the world’s first Bluetooth neckband with pre-installed songs. The pre-installed songs are based on the super hit repertoire of Sony music. The newly launched customer-centric brand firmly believes that the audio market is very cluttered and therefore ripe for disruptive innovations. India is one of the fastest growing audio markets and has seen exponential growth over the past 2-3 years.

However, aside from the introduction of wireless earbuds, the market offerings have stayed pretty much the same. Tarbull believes consumers are making a lot more than they are getting. Following the brand ethos “Made of More”, it aims to revolutionize the market by introducing “First to the World” and “Industry Leading” products in all categories.


Tarbull recently launched his MUSICMATE series- The world’s first Bluetooth neckband with 1001 pre-installed songs“Which is an ideal choice for all music lovers and the perfect companion for their work, workouts, music and travel.

Imagine not having to carry your phone or creating the perfect playlist during your walks / runs – no internet connection required, no music subscriptions, no annoying ads, and no notifications to bother you – just a full, stress-free music experience like never before .

Equipped with a monstrous 35-hour battery, ultra-fast charging with 10 hours of playtime in 10 minutes of charging time, immersive 3D audio, vibrating alert for incoming calls, the MusicMate looks irresistible and is the perfect accessory for the new-age consumer. It is available in 2 versions, each with 1001 and 501 songs preinstalled. Each playlist is handpicked and curated by experts at Sony Music India based on billions of consumer preference data points.

Each playlist offers exclusive access to the most iconic songs produced by legendary artists from both retro and contemporary music eras. The extensive genres offer something for every taste and every mood – from Romantic Hits, Soulful Memories, Down Memory Lane, Party Hits, Ghazals & Sufi to spiritual songs. Consumers can perform all possible functions of a Bluetooth neckband while enjoying the built-in music.

Tarbull has his too VIBE series of bluetooth neck straps that deliver Industry-leading game time of 60 hours, enables dual connectivity with 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time, crisp and clear sound, super-fast charging, voice support and IPX5 water resistance.

Tarbull will be available to its consumers on all online platforms. In the coming months, it will soon be launching its line of pre-installed headphones, speakers, sound bars with built-in music, and wireless earbuds.

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Comment on the launch that Tarbull founder Dinkar Pathak said: “Our goal is to make Tarbull the most sought-after brand in audio technology. Our first product launches have demonstrated our technological capabilities and we are confident that our “made with more” philosophy will be well received by consumers. We hope that Tarbull MusicMate will bring about a shift in music consumption on portable devices as it integrates high performance audio technology with a curated built-in music library for music lovers and casual listeners. We are also currently in the process of launching another innovative product for children. The SUPER BUDDY and we are confident that it will be the perfect companion for children aged 2-10 years. We look forward to bringing more products from our portfolio onto the market. “

Soon the review for Tarbull MusicMate 550 will be on TechnoSports until you buy these new products from Amazon India: https://amzn.to/3EJeM70

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