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Is your home decorating “cheap”? 10 items Gen Z branded as “the opposite of trendy”


It’s hard to keep up with the fashionable changes in interior design of the day, but if you think it has gray walls, phrase decorations, and marble counters, it’s a “tough” setup, according to Gen Z teens. ..

The term means “simple” and “trendy opposition” and was previously used to criticize millennial fashion, but now the interior design style of this age group is being questioned.

A survey by the British Tap Warehouse found 10 “tough” furnishings, including geometrically printed walls and mirrored furniture.

Dom-Lees Bell, Interior Expert at Tap Warehouse, said:

“But in the end, the Gen Z style is about not trying too hard and enjoying the decoration. Don’t worry about taking home the perfect Instagram. And in everything. The most important aspect of: Decorate with a sense of your own style.

Here, furnishing experts reveal 10 articles that are branded as “opposite trends” by today’s youth and in which styles they can be exchanged …

Here, furnishing experts reveal 10 articles (in the picture) of the brand “Counter-Trends” of young adults and in which styles they can be exchanged …

Swap gray for greige

Gray has been hugely popular for decades and is an interior color choice, but young adults see neutral tones differently because TikTok users call them “tough.” I am.

Discard the phrase symbol

Studies show that all signs of phrases like “Home Sweet Home”, “Live Laugh” and “Jintoki” are viewed as clichés by young social media users.

Instead, the boastful Englishman who wants to show guests how fashionable they are when it comes to interior design has to fill the walls with art prints.

But as long as you avoid shades of very cool tones and choose warm tones instead, gray is not entirely out of the question, experts said.

Alternatively, use a plain beige-gray with a gray addition to prove that you are right on trend.

Adding gray to beige creates a richer hue and works with both cool and warm color schemes.

Upgrade from macrame to embroidery

Macrame is a popular decorative item that adorns a lot of furniture, from pillows, walls, plant hangers to light shades.

It’s a type of textile that is made with knot technology and was once seen regularly on Instagram-ready interior design photos.

However, according to Generation Z, this piece of furniture has officially reached that moment.

Instead of sticking to outdated macrame, Lees-Bell said he would go for handmade embroidery or tapestries.

Change tribal prints for abstract art

Lees-Bell said, “Tribes often mean different patterns from different tribes around the world.

“Probably because of the controversy behind this pressure. [the youngsters on TikTok] I call the style “cheap”. “

If you want to show off the boho chic look, choose an art style with blocks, abstract prints that have a boho feel to it.

Freshen up geometrically printed walls with wooden panels

“The eighth” tough “interior element is a geometrically printed wall. Wall art is easy to create with masking tape and paint, making it a great choice for home improvement, ”says Lees-Bell.

“But according to TikTok officials, the popularity of this wall art has proven to be part of its downfall.

“A cheap way to add personality and dimension to a room is to make a wall out of wood panels. Simply drill a hole in the wall in any pattern using MDF or a wooden strip. Cover with a wooden spatula and then paint.

Switch herringbone chevron

Chevron, which is made up of a two-tone zigzag pattern, has been hugely popular for a while now and has greatly influenced the disappointment of TikTok users.

With this in mind, many social media users welcome this pattern as tired.

“But if you’re not ready to give up on the chevron pattern, try the herringbone pattern,” said Lees-Bell.

The pattern resembles a zigzag arranged from a rectangle, which certainly gives a comfortable and bold look. But thanks to its glamorous details, it’s far more timeless.

Come out in neutral marble and step inside at the colored counter

Experts say: many choose marble for a classic design that goes well with most color schemes.

“The use is certainly not new, but it has grown in popularity in recent years. But the material is still called the basis.

“If you want to avoid ‘cheap’ houses but still want to keep the marble style, mix it with colored marble.

“Or choose a marble with interesting veins that isn’t overdone,” he added.

According to research, phrase symbols such as “Home Sweet Home”, “Live Lachen” and “Jintoki” are considered clichés by young social media users (stock image).

Choose the dry grass of bunny tail grass instead of pampas

“Instagram houses are full of pampas grass, well, what don’t you like?” Said an interior designer.

Use mirrors as decoration instead of furniture

Mirrored furniture was a popular piece of furniture in the 1980s, and that trend has revived in recent years.

The trend fits in with a very attractive aesthetic, and for the younger generation it seems to be a bit above that as it describes furniture as obsolete.

Therefore, if you want to impress Generation Z, use the mirror as a decoration rather than furniture.

“The neutral color goes with every living style, not to mention evergreens. It’s perfect for novice plant lovers.

“Even so, the younger generation thinks this Instagram staple is out of date and simple.

“But that can be good. Pampas are invasive plants in some parts of the world, so the growth of the pampas can displace other plants and vegetation.

“Fortunately, there are many alternative ornamental grasses that are not in vogue and do not pollute the environment. Try Japanese pampas grass, golden oats, or the dry grass of hare tail grass.

Try Cottage Core instead of Farmer

The tenth “tough” furnishing style is a farmhouse decoration.

This style of furnishing uses rustic wooden elements with soft neutral colors and often whitewashed objects.

If your home has such a decorating trend and you don’t want to feel the wrath of TikTokers, you can simply update the look by going for a honey-colored farmhouse style, experts said.

He added, “Or replace it with a rustic decor. Country chic isn’t a distressed look, it’s a much cleaner and updated farmer style. Think of fresh white fabric that goes with a colorful pattern.

“Or go to Cottage Core, the feminine and quirky farmer’s attitude. For a cottage core style, choose a calm, soft color. The style is especially outdoors, so take your greens and flowers home with you. Lastly, buy vintage and recycled furniture for the cottage core look.

Is your home decorating “cheap”? 10 items that Generation Z branded as “the opposite of trendy”

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