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The best ads of 2020


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There’s a lot of equality in advertising. Perhaps because the advertising people switch a lot from agency to agency. Or because they are influenced by the same award shows. Equality has been a problem for some time and is one of the reasons Madison Avenue’s demise. The difficult conditions of 2020 for clients and agencies have made originality even less common.

But when we get out of this hellish year, I hope agencies and clients will try to move beyond the usual stereotypes and groupthink. Here are a few ads that caught my eye in 2020:

5 .. apple. Agency: TBWA / Media Lab

In a hilarious, fast-paced 7-minute video, Apple captured the craziness of having to work from home these days. It is suitable for awkward video conferencing conversations that we have all experienced. Full of family interruptions, kids in need of attention, parents floating around, pets in need of care, and just plain embarrassing moments during a video conference:

4 .. Match.com. Agency: Maximum Effort Productions

Actor Ryan Reynolds, co-founder of this agency, has turned into a advertising genius. Reynolds has created some of the most notable ad campaigns with Deadpool 2, Aviation Gin, and Mint Mobile.

That was a year before hell, however In the end, Reynolds shows how Satan ironically finds his perfect match with a girl named “2020”:

3 .. The Lincoln Project

Some consider this anti-Trump ad to be the best political ad since The Tuesday Team. The most creative minds on Madison Avenue were drafted for the 1984 Reagan re-election campaign.

The anti-Trump ads used biting irony to attack and ridicule the president. None was more powerful than the one that used Reagan’s famous catchphrase “It’s Morning in America” ​​as “It’s mourning in America”.

2nd .. Burger King. Agencies: INGO, Stockholm and David, Miami

The fast food chain’s ad shows the brand’s flagship sandwich transformation over more than a month. But instead of showing a burger built from the bottom up, it shows one that’s going moldy from the top down.

The video – underlined with the recording “What a Difference a Day Makes”, effectively and dramatically makes it clear that Burger King does not use any artificial ingredients, colors or flavors:

1. Nike. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

The most remarkable thing about this commercial is the cut. With precise split-screen matching images and actions, it shows that all athletes and thus we are somehow connected to one another.

The 90-second ad, looking through 4,000 hours of sports action, fits one athlete on one half of the screen and mirrors another on the opposite side, move by move, as if he were a single person. “We’re never alone, and that’s our strength,” says the narrator, women’s soccer star and equal pay activist, Meghan Rapinoe:

… and evil …

My pillow

He’s driving me crazy … The My Pillow Guy is everywhere, non-stop. Way too much exposure. Someone, please tell them to go away.

Infomercials can be annoying, but My Pillow and its owner / host Mike Lindell took it to new heights, or more specifically, brought it to the bottom.


To attract travelers, Emirates followed a window seat to grave strategy. If a passenger falls ill with COVID-19 in-flight, the Dubai-based airline pays their medical or quarantine costs. And in the worst case, Emirates offers 1,500 euros for a passenger’s funeral.

Giving the lifetime value strategy a whole new meaning.


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