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Media Literacy

Know the news: a project to defend media literacy and disinformation


What people say about our workshops

“The wealth of information and examples. The moderator’s enthusiasm. It was a very rewarding workshop. “

“I often feel at least half-manipulated by what is being presented as news, but how can I protect myself from disinformation without completely isolating myself from information I need? Mrs Benavidez offered specific steps that I will follow. She was clearly an expert on the subject and was able to make the 90 minutes understandable and entertaining even for a beginner. “

“I have sharpened my awareness of the spread of misinformation / disinformation.”

“These concerns [were covered], updated in a new way that we now not only consume news but also information (as well as disinformation). . . Given the increased emotional context surrounding consuming COVID-19 messages and “data”, I now have a better way to “consume” them.

“Precise, organized; has helped me to bring together some strands of my own thoughts on this topic and to put them into concrete terms. “


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