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Media Literacy

New media literacy website “Defense against Fake News” – EURACTIV.com


Citizens need tools to defend themselves against the “traps of disinformation” that “undermine democracies”, said Portugal’s State Secretary for Cinema, Audiovisual Media and Media, Nuno Artur Silva, to Lusa.

Nuno Artur Silva spoke at the launch of the LEME website, which contains media literacy resources that are intended to be available to all educators.

“Assessment of media literacy is fundamental for citizenship and social participation reasons so that everyone can participate in an informed manner,” said the Foreign Minister.

“We are all vulnerable when we are on social networks, when we read a message, when we see a message on TV or information comes to us over the Internet: we are vulnerable and we tend to believe the news,” said he

“Today this is fertile ground for voluntary, sometimes involuntary, maneuvers of disinformation, and this undermines democracies, it destroys democracy,” he added.


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