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Janey Godley fell after “unacceptable” tweets from the Scottish Covid advertisement | Nicola Stör


The Scottish government removed Janey Godley, the comic book described by Nicola Sturgeon as her “alter ego”, from its latest public health campaign after a series of “unacceptable” tweets from the Glasgow comedian surfaced.

Godley is best known for her comedy comedies starring high profile people, including parodies of the First Minister’s Covid briefings during the pandemic. She’s also a standup and has appeared on Have I Got News for You.

But the Scottish government reacted firmly after the Daily Beast posted dozens of historical tweets Thursday morning calling it “shockingly racist”. Godley also used a self-recognized “offensive, hurtful language” about disabled people and Chernobyl victims.

Posts refer to black American celebrities, including Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg. In a series of tweets written while Rowland was reviewing the UK’s X Factor in 2011, Godley describes the singer as “the black horse from the US” and in another state “Kelly speaks like the stereotypical black aunt Jemima who rides on you Stools in the Tom & Jerry cartoons scream ‘TOM TOM’. “

Other posts refer to rapper 50 Cent as “a big black man talking about his dick” and suggest that Snoop Dog is “a black rapper, of course he’s got weed, that’s his job, isn’t it?”

Late in the afternoon, the latest public health campaign, Let’s Stop the Spike, in which Godley encourages Scots to adhere to continued Covid containment measures, was halted with immediate effect.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “We have been made aware of a number of unacceptable tweets from Janey Godley and while she has rightly apologized, trust in our public health messages is of paramount importance right now. We have therefore decided to withdraw any further campaign material that includes Ms. Godley. The material will be posted on our own channels immediately and removed from external media as quickly as possible. “

Godley pinned a video apology to her Twitter account shortly before the Scottish Government announced, “I’ve used sentences, words, comments with terribly loathsome undertones, and that can’t be passed off as a comedy. I accept any criticism that comes my way. “

She continued, “If I did not acknowledge the shame of these phrases and words, I would be disingenuous to everyone who has ever supported me. I’m sorry, I’ll be better and I can’t apologize enough. “

Godley first rose to international fame in 2016 when she was photographed surrounded by police officers holding a handwritten protest sign that read, “Trump is a cunt “held.


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