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When I was growing up, the only media available were newspapers, radio, personal letters, and telephones. Media literacy, the ability to spot inaccurate, even deliberately misleading information was nowhere near as important. For example, if someone in a position of authority claims that the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High shooting never took place, do you automatically wonder if that could be true? Or, when the US president says the 2020 elections are “rigged and I won,” do you believe him? A media literate person would question this statement and other similar statements because, on the surface, they are selfish.

In addition, the media-competent person always considers incoming information from all sources with the question “Does that seem plausible?” Think how many thousands of local, county, and state election officials would have to be complicit to cover up and cover up millions of votes that have been changed from one candidate to another. Does it seem possible that no one is telling the truth? Thousands keep the truth covered up. Why?

Take the important step towards media literacy. Make a commitment to always asking, “Does this make logical sense? Are there reasons to question the truth of this claim?”


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