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The Biden team overwhelms Trump’s TV ad spend


The financial hardships of President Trump’s campaign have forced him to cut back on his television advertising in Florida, Iowa, and Nevada, just as Joe Biden and his allies pour huge sums of money into one last series of television commercials in every battlefield state.

The former vice president bought $ 54.1 million in TV ad time in the eight days leading up to the election, more than double the Trump campaign’s $ 26.9 million purchases, according to Advertising Analytics Ad tracking company.

The television commercial playing field will continue to lean in the direction of the Democratic candidate on Wednesday as former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg spends $ 15 million on spots in Texas and Ohio promoting Biden and Attack Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2016, Trump won Texas by 9 percentage points and Ohio by 8, but recent polls show the race is now practically level in both states.

Bloomberg, a billionaire who also spends $ 100 million in Florida on TV advertising and other efforts to defeat Trump, conducted polls over the weekend that convinced him that a big game was going to be in Texas and Ohio Last days of the campaign would be worth it, said helpers.

“I would argue that these two states are being tossed right now in a way that I think will surprise people the day after the election when their results are in,” said Kevin Sheekey, a senior policy advisor to Bloomberg . The new Bloomberg issues were first reported by the New York Times. The former mayor spent $ 1 billion of his fortune on his own failed main candidacy for the Democratic nomination.

It is unclear whether TV spots can influence many voters in the final days of the race. Almost 70 million Americans have already cast their votes, according to the non-partisan US election project.

Biden’s advertising spend spans the entire electoral battlefield map. In the last week of the campaign, he increased his TV ad purchases in Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, Nevada, Minnesota, Texas, and New Hampshire. He outperforms Trump in every state.

Trump, who has lagged Biden in fundraising, allocates his money to a shrinking number of states and relies heavily on the Republican National Committee to prop up his spending in the final section. Trump’s triage – he looted tens of millions of dollars in advertising that he originally booked for the fall campaign – shows how his campaign sees the president’s most promising path to victory in the state contest for an electoral college by majority.

Trump increased his television advertising spending in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan this week, suggesting that he is betting on maximizing support among white working-class voters in these northern industrialized nations, just as he did four years ago. Trump’s narrow victories in these states enabled him to win the presidency despite losing to Hillary Clinton in the referendum.

Also in Minnesota, which Clinton won by only 1.5 percentage points, Trump increased its spending this week.

In the Michigan election campaign on Tuesday, Trump predicted he would win Minnesota this time, in part because of distrust of Minneapolis Democratic MP Ilhan Omar, one of the first two Muslim women in Congress and a frequent target of his attacks. He also said the anger over protests in the city last spring – following the police murder of George Floyd – would earn him voters.

Trump also resumes spending on television advertising in Ohio this week after Biden had the airwaves to himself there for six weeks.

At the same time, Trump cut the $ 922,000 New Hampshire TV ad he originally reserved for the last week of the campaign and cut his spending in Nevada and Iowa, according to Advertising Analytics.

The $ 2.9 million Trump spends on his last eight days of TV commercials in Florida is a drop from $ 4.2 million the previous week and well below Biden’s $ 15.1 million. The other states where Trump continues to spend a lot of money are North Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia.


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