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Judge decides whether the state ban on mask requirements for schools is enforceable | Government and politics


For his part, Irvine asks Cooper to see it through a different lens.

“Courts should interpret the word ‘subject matter’ liberally to give the legislature full leeway to encompass all matters with a logical or natural context in a single piece of legislation,” he argued. And Irvine claims that there is nothing wrong with multiple subjects on a single bill as long as there is a “common purpose or relationship” between them.

Take the K-12 measure, for example.

It is true, he said, that it prohibits mask mandates and restricts what can be taught. Irvine said, however, that both come under the umbrella of lawmakers who decide how public money can be spent.

He argues the same thing about what is referred to simply as the “budgetary procedure” bill.

Among the contested provisions is one that introduces new “anti-fraud measures” requirements for ballot papers. It also includes changes to the governor’s emergency powers, investigations into the practices of social media platforms, and even the language used about condominiums.

“None of these issues have a logical connection to one another,” said Desai.

Irvine again urged Cooper to take a broader perspective.

“Each of the challenged provisions governs how government funds are spent and how government officials conduct their business,” he said.


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