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Suvendu Adhikari proposes against apostates and wants the anti-defect law to be implemented


West Bengal’s opposition and MLA leader from Nandigram, Suvendu Adhikari, took action against the ruling Trinamool Congress party after two BJP MLAs jumped ship and joined the TMC. Adhikari held a press conference with the party’s president Dilip Ghosh and spokesman Samik Bhattacharya on Wednesday, even claiming that the Bankura district administration had pressured BJP leaders to join the TMC.

In an address to the media, Adhikari invoked the anti-defect law and said it was violated. He said, “The MLAs that defected have been asked to vacate their booth. Notifications were sent to two MLAs. Even the district administration of Bankura and a few others are putting pressure on the BJP leaders to join the TMC. We will also file a complaint against the SP in the Ministry of the Interior. “

“We will take the legal steps. I have been given the responsibility by the President of my party to ensure that the anti-defect law is effective in West Bengal. We make the law go into effect. Those who left the party have had no connection with us for the past 2-3 months. We could understand it for ourselves by their behavior. It’s no surprise to us, ”he added.

When asked the same question to Dilip Ghosh, he replied, “Only 2 MLAs have left the party and it won’t affect us much. We will obey the law and take action. We have addressed the same thing to our opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari and he will continue with it. “

On Tuesday the BJP had sent letters to two BJP MLAs who switched sides for the All India Trinamool Congress. In his letters to the MLA Tanmoy Ghosh in Bishnupur and Biswajit Das MLA Bagda, Adhikari asked them to clarify their positions as media reports indicated that they were joining the TMC.

The letter stated: “You are hereby requested, within one week of receiving the immediate letter, to express your position on the aforementioned subject of your joining the All India Trinamool Congress. If nothing is heard from you within the above deadline, it will be assumed that you have defected to the All India Trinamool Congress. “

Adhikari had also previously invoked anti-defection law when Mukul Roy returned to TMC and was appointed head of the Public Accounts Committee. He and eight other BJP MLAs had visited Governor Jagdeep Dhankar in Raj Bhawan in Kolkata.

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