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The heyday of television advertising is over. Political campaigns should behave like this.


But the reality is more marbled than conventional wisdom suggests, and fundraising benefits don’t always translate into victory. That year, underdog Andrew Gillum, Tallahassee’s mayor, won the Florida Democratic governor’s primary, despite being outdone by several rivals on television. In the 3rd Congressional District of Massachusetts, Lori Trahan was beaten by two competitors before narrowly winning the Democratic primary. In another Massachusetts Congress area code, Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley turned Rep. Michael E. Capuano upside down with about half of his spending and, as Politico reported, “Capuano ran two television commercials, both through his own Efforts to Stand Against Trump, “while Pressley was just” a television commercial that only ran on Spanish-language television, “for which she paid a relatively modest $ 17,000. In 2016, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton each moved to the throat of candidate Donald Trump despite spending more on television, in part due to Trump’s dominance of online and offline reporting.


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