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The trailer: who sponsored this news? Why do you see so many ads so far from midterms?


In the primary, Tarrant alone cast 52,752 votes, with 24,033 votes going to Democratic candidates, 9,165 to Wright and just 4,732 to Ellzey. Local races, including mayor’s and school board competitions, helped increase voter turnout in ways that wouldn’t repeat itself in a sleepy July runoff. In the end, this time only 23,960 votes were cast in Tarrant: 12,655 for Ellzey and 11,305 for Wright. Ellzey accepted the Democrats into his coalition, while Trump’s last-minute reruns didn’t move his approval: Wright received 49 percent of the county’s early vote and just 45 percent of the election day vote. Trump’s intervention eventually convinced many Democrats to cast an anti-Trump vote for Ellzey.


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