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Creative Works: the 10 most viewed ads of 2020


If Carlsberg had made years, 2020 would certainly not have made it. Yet despite the challenges, brands and agencies have found ways to ensure that creativity continues and brings some joy to a miserable year. Here, The Drum rounds up the 10 most viewed ads from Creative Works in 2020.

2020 is sure to be a year for the history books – a year most can hardly wait to leave behind. Despite the events that have unfolded this year, creativity has been a beacon in the face of adversity.

As the world prepares to say goodbye to 2020, The Drum brings you the 10 most viewed ads from The Drum’s Creative Works.

Mint Mobile: New ManageMint from Maximum Effort Productions

When production of the coronavirus stopped, Mint Mobile and its owner Ryan Reynolds decided to go old school and develop a video campaign based on a PowerPoint presentation instead of an ad.

Reynolds opens the ad by stating that while the team was in the middle of an “epic” ad, the pandemic only stumbled upon one PowerPoint. The ad then moves on to a parody of PowerPoints, complete with cheesy stock images and, at one point, a puppy.

BBC: Don’t stop with BBC Creative

This year the BBC played an important role as a public broadcaster. To highlight all of the work it has done to help people through this national crisis, “Bringing Us Closer” was created – a montage of real footage captured during the first few weeks of the lockdown.

It was accompanied by the sweeping voice of Idris Elba reciting the uplifting poem “Don’t Quit”. Clips captured from BBC news broadcasts included empty supermarket shelves, deserted streets and NHS frontline personal videos pasted into viral footage, including “clapping for NHS carers” and Llandudno’s villain goats.

Aviation Gin: Arlene’s Big Leap from Maximum Effort Productions

Leap day babies are a birthday puzzle – is someone born in a leap year technically six or 24 years old? And how do you celebrate in a normal year?

2020 was a lot, including a leap year. On this occasion, Aviation Gin played with the concept of a birthday party for the 21st birthday of an 84-year-old. To celebrate, Ryan Reynolds and Aviation wanted to make sure their first legal drink was Aviation Gin.

Budweiser: Wassup


To remind people to check in with friends and family during the curfew, Budweiser has revisited its iconic “Wassup” advertisements. Using the original cast with re-recorded audio to ensure the ad is following U.S. government lockdown measures, the spot makes viewers believe that they are communicating from quarantine.

TikTok: A bit lighter inside

With content created by its users during the lockdown, TikTok launched its first UK TV campaign back in May. “A Little Brighter Inside” features artists like Little Mix and Tinie Tempah as well as Olympic star Tom Daley and The F Word chef Gordon Ramsey.

Secret: All strength, no sweat

Against the backdrop of a bespoke anthem sung by Grammy nominee Jessie Reyez, P & G’s own Secret Deodorant put a diverse selection of female celebrities at the center of its campaign – “All Strength, No Sweat”.

The women were chosen to follow their passions and not “sweat” the obstacles in their path, including Brazilian-American actress Camila Mendes, Olympic champion Swin Cash, actress and entrepreneur Shenae Grimes-Beech and the fitness mega Influencer Ainsley Rodriguez.

Fairprice: A fresh start from Iris

In June, the supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice launched a campaign in Singapore to encourage people in the country to carry on the values ​​they discovered during the two-month partial lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Just Eat: Did anyone say Just Eat from McCann London

In May, the Just Eat jingle received the Snoop Dogg treat as the delivery service continued its shift away from a focus on convenience to an emphasis on joy.

In the spot dubbed “the biggest collaboration of the year,” the rapper works hard to spice up Just Eat’s latest jingle – doggystyle.

Apple: Creativity goes on


When the world first looked at the pandemic back in April, Apple captured how people use its products to stay creative during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Creativity Goes On’ edited footage of people keeping their creativity alive; Be it drawing pictures on iPads, creating video content on MacBooks, or using FaceTime to share creative ideas.

Sesame Street: Washy Wash Song

Sesame Street uses its talent to convey important messages to children in exciting ways and built on its “Caring for Each Other” initiative to help parents and children during the coronavirus pandemic.

The team created animations to encourage them to stay healthy physically and mentally in order to support families during this difficult time.


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