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Democrats are looking for votes to pass a $ 3.5 trillion budget


Officials tried to allay moderates’ fears that Mr Biden would sign the major expense bill without the infrastructure bill, according to a person familiar with the calls; they also supported Ms. Pelosis’ efforts to get both bills passed by October 1st. Some officials have highlighted the benefits of the larger bill, including proposals to cut prescription drug costs.

Ms. Pelosi and her senior deputies, backed by dozens of progressive lawmakers, remain equally adamant that the infrastructure vote will only take place after the Senate approves the budget package. In a series of open letters to Members last week, senior Democrats designed a vote in support of the draft budget as an opportunity to shape key legislation and ensure party priorities are passed.

“Ensuring a two-chamber reconciliation process with real input from the House of Representatives prior to the passing of the bipartisan infrastructure bill is essential to advance critical democratic priorities around infrastructure and more,” wrote Oregon Rep. Peter A. DeFazio, chairman of the Transport and Infrastructure Committee and a devastating critic of the bipartisan agreement.

Progressive groups have also pushed ads targeting the nine Democrats as they hamper the Biden government’s agenda. No Labels, a centrist political organization, named the group “the unbreakable nine” in a dramatic montage and compared them to characters like Abraham Lincoln and a fictional senator from the movie “Bulworth,” in which a suicidal politician decides to tell the truth .

While some Republicans are expected to support the bipartisan infrastructure bill, they firmly oppose the draft budget, citing concerns about its size, proposed tax hikes, and the possibility that higher spending will worsen inflation.

“Don’t be surprised if you write a bill that you know no Republican will vote for, that no one will vote for,” said Rep. Tom Cole, Republican of Oklahoma, at a hearing on Monday. “To be honest, you linked the Infrastructure Act and this Act because you beat up your own members for submission.”

Regarding the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill, he added, “If you put it on the ground it would happen instantly, but you chose to use it as a weapon against your own members.”


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