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Is the ad on the Georgian electoral law correct?


Some people had many questions about the promotion of Georgia’s controversial law.

ATLANTA – There are already ads pending Georgia’s new electoral law.

Heritage Action for America spent $ 1 million on TV advertising and $ 50,000 on digital advertising to run the 60-second spot.

Some people had many questions about the promotion of Georgia’s controversial law. It is important to note that television networks cannot change political advertising – it is the law. The spot must be broadcast in full.

To delve deeper into the subject, 11Alive turned to either side of the aisle for perspective of the ad.

The experts

Doug Teper is a former Georgia State representative and senior lecturer in Political Science at Georgia State University. He’s a democrat.

State Department chief operating officer Gabriel Sterling, a Republican, gave a glimpse when it first happened.

Who posted the ad?

The first thing you need to know is that this ad was served by a national conservative political action group.

“This is a very well orchestrated, very well organized group,” said Teper.

What does the new electoral law in Georgia actually say?

Voting access

Counties must now offer at least two choices on Saturday and can add two Sundays if they so choose.

This is how Teper explained it.

“They are very tricky how to do it. We have 159 counties in Georgia, and each county has its own electoral committee. So if they say they doubled the elections, they could start an early voting in places with a few thousand voters. And at the same time they are suppressing voters in counties like Fulton, Dekalb, Gwinnett and Cobb with thousands and thousands of voters, ”he said.

So the claim that early voting will be doubled in the state is false, but right after the meeting, Sterling said the voter suppression law was inaccurate.

“Claims of voter suppression are morally wrong and repulsive, just as claims of voter fraud are morally repugnant and wrong.

Changes to the application for postal voting documents

Even under the new law, Georgians will no longer just apply for and return a postal vote. Voters need government identification to apply for one.

You must also submit a postal vote at least 11 days before the election. There are now fewer ballot boxes allowed.

Prohibits volunteers from distributing food and drink to voters in line

The other claim that has received a lot of attention relates to special interest groups.

“I don’t know of any county that supplied water,” said Teper.

The federal law already prohibits the offering of goods or money against one vote. Well Georgia explicitly makes it a crime but said counties can provide water as long as they give it to everyone.

As for special-interest groups, previous versions of Georgia’s electoral law banned them within 50 meters of polling stations. So this is not new.

To date, seven different lawsuits have been filed against Georgia’s new electoral law. And at the heart of the litigation are some of the allegations made in the ad.

No widespread fraud during the last electoral cycle

Both Sterling and Teper agreed that the Georgia elections were safe and there is no evidence of widespread fraud.

“They went through an audit, hand counts, we kept checking and just couldn’t find where votes were double counted,” said Teper.


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