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Media Literacy

New manual aims to convey media literacy


A handbook published last month by the Out of The Box Media (OOTB) Literacy Initiative aims to help teachers train young people in media literacy in time for the 2022 elections. Photo courtesy of the OOTB Literacy Initiative

MANILA – A non-governmental organization has released a handbook to help teachers train young people in media literacy ahead of the 2022 national elections.

The # MIL4Democracy Handbook: Teaching Media and Information Literacy for Democracy contains 18 lesson plans that can help students become critical consumers of news and information and help tackle disinformation that is likely to increase before the election.

The handbook was published last July and was co-authored by the Out of The Box (OOTB) Media Literacy Initiative and alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Program, a US State Department professional exchange program.

“Media and Information Literacy (MIL) provides important tools that enable citizens to prevent the further spread of such fraudulent and divisive messages and to drive back such content and its peddlers,” said OOTB co-founder Marlon Nombrado.

The handbook provides “local case studies based on current events, news articles, viral social media content and social issues that reflect the contemporary reality of the country,” OOTB said.

“These are complemented by teaching and learning activities that challenge students’ skills in media criticism and creation, research, deliberation and problem solving,” she added.

Meanwhile, the president of the Philippine Media and Information Literacy Association, Arniel Ping, said media literacy helps students become critical of the information they share about the next in line.

“When teaching MIL, we don’t say who to choose. We give you the skills to identify what information is right and wrong so you can make the right decision,” he said.

OOTB also hosted a pilot training program for 32 high school MIL teachers from August 14-15.

The manual can be downloaded free of charge from the OOTB website. Limited print copies are also available on the group’s Instagram and Facebook pages.



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