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RNC launches advertising campaign targeting Democrats over electoral reform


The Republican National Committee (RNC) is set to launch a six-digit advertising flash early next week to hammer down Democratic electoral reform legislation, which the GOP calls a “grip on power.”

The RNC is rolling out the ads in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and New Hampshire, all of which have Democratic-held Senate seats available for election in 2022. The ads will run on Facebook, Google, and local and national news sites. The RNC said the effort would be complemented by “every tool in its arsenal,” including local proxy appearances on radio and television.

The advertising campaign will focus on the fight against the For the People Act, known as HR 1. The bill was passed along the party lines in the House of Representatives in early March, but faces a steep spike in a 50-50 Senate that it must enter with at least 60 votes.

The legislation would, among other things, require states to offer postal ballot papers, electronic voter registration to enable same-day voting, expand early voting, facilitate voter identification laws, and urge the establishment of an independent commission, which congressional districts every 10 to draw new years.

Democrats said the bill was needed to expand access to ballot papers, while Republicans made efforts as a government takeover of the electoral process to get blue voters to the polls.

An ad targeting Democratic Sens. Mark KellyMark KellyHouse Democrats are calling for more funding for electric vehicles in the spending plan (Ariz.), Raphael WarnockRaphael WarnockSchumer Starts September Suffrage After GOP Blocks Quick Debate Manchin May Be The Only One Who Can Save Hyde Addition Garland Urges Congress To Act On MORE In A Comment On Suffrage (G.), Catherine Cortez MastoCatherine Marie Cortez MastoBiden Has yet to Appoint New FDA Chief As Delta Rises Cornyn Closes Deal With White House Over COVID-19 Infrastructure Funding The White House Seeks To Repel Bipartisan Cornyn Infrastructure Change MORE (Nev.) And Maggie HassanMargaret (Maggie) Hassan Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown Considering Return to Politics Senate Covers Over 0.9 Billion For Cybersecurity In Infrastructure Bill Biden Has To Appoint New FDA Chief As Delta Rises MORE (NH) says that “Radical Democrats are trying to take over our elections,” while another reads, “Democrats want to spend their tax dollars to fund the elections of Liberal candidates. We cannot allow that! “

“Democrats are attempting a monstrous seizure of power through HR 1 that will fundamentally change our entire electoral system and dismantle the integrity of the vote, but we are not going to let them get away with it. The RNC is using every tool available to counter the blatant Democratic hijacking of our electoral system, which would give unelected DC bureaucrats unimpeded power and trample on freedom of expression, ”said the RNC Chair Ronna McDanielRonna Romney McDaniel GOP Chairperson: Trump “Still Leads The Party” Former Detroit Police Chief Takes A Step Towards Gubernatorial Election Whitmer has raised $ 0.5 million so far in 2021 MORE said in a statement.

The digital ad flash was first reported by Fox News.

The electoral reform bill has emerged as a lightning rod for Republicans in Washington. Heritage Action for America, the advocacy group of the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, also carried out a $ 10 million push for the alleged “federal handover” in the country’s elections.

The GOP has always dealt with all issues related to electoral procedures or security President TrumpDonald Trump’s disclosure Rand Paul reveals that his wife bought shares in COVID-19 treatment as she contemplates returning to politics for former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown Judge: Dominion Lawsuits Against Trump Ally Giuliani, Powell and Lindell can continue claimed without evidence that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from him.


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