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Media Literacy Examples

More political indoctrination is coming to Illinois classrooms as the “media literacy” mandate is about to be passed – Quickpoint


All high schools in Illinois will be required to teach media literacy under House Bill 234. It was passed by the House of Representatives and is about to be passed by the Senate. The concept and most of the bill reproduced below seem innocuous enough. But does anyone seriously expect the subject to be taught objectively?

Senator Karina Villa (D-West Chicago) is the Senate’s primary sponsor. Young people are “vulnerable to persecution and misinformation,” she said, as reported by Capitol News Illinois. Senator Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) asked in a Senate hearing how objective schools could be when it came to teaching students to rate news by separating factual news from “fake news”.

“Villa responded that teachers are trained to teach students how to use media and that the difference between fake news and real news is the same as the difference between fiction and non-fiction,” according to Capitol News Illinois.

Oh, how comforting. The kicker is at the end of the bill asking the Illinois State Board of Education to prepare classroom materials. These are the people who enforced Illinois’ infamous new culturally appealing teaching and leadership standards, about which they and their supporters brazenly lied, and who teach critical racial theory as an incontestable fact. The transformation of our schools into political indoctrination camps is in full swing. -Mark Glennon


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