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WhatsApp Forward on French virologist who claims vaccinated people will die in 2 years is fake


To be vaccinated. This is what experts, the WHO, doctors and governments around the world have been saying since the vaccines were introduced to the public to fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic. “Vaccines are a vital tool in the fight against COVID-19, and getting vaccinated is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from COVID-19,” reads the opening line of a report published by the World Health Organization and fighting uncertainty, a lot of untested misinformation circulates on the internet as many resort to bizarre and incorrect methods of dealing with the virus. One that is currently making the rounds is an alleged testimony by a French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, who called the mass vaccination “Unacceptable mistake” and that “all vaccinated people will die in 2 years”.

In the viral WhatsApp (with the marker: Forwarded Many Times) it says: “All vaccinated people will die within 2 years: Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier has confirmed that people who have received some form of the vaccine have no chance of survival. In the shocking interview, the world’s best virologist said blankly: There is no hope and no treatment for those who have already been vaccinated. We have to be ready to burn the bodies. The scientific genius backed up the claims of other eminent virologists after studying the ingredients of the vaccine. They will all die from antibody-dependent reinforcement. You can not say more.”

In response to this claim, the verified Twitter name of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) went on a microblogging site to say that the WhatsApp redirect is indeed fake news.

“A picture is circulating on social media allegedly quoting a French Nobel Prize winner on # COVID19 vaccines. The claim in the picture is #FAKE. # COVID19 vaccine is perfectly safe. Don’t forward this picture, “read the caption.

To further reinforce the news, Assam police shared a similar post on their Facebook account.

A report in the Alt News noted that Luc Montagnier is known for his anti-vaccine stance, citing a report from last year which said, “Montagnier falsely claims that the novel coronavirus is man-made and Contains genetic material from HIV. “

Do you suffer from fear of vaccination?

“One of the reasons for fear of vaccination is a lot of misinformation about side effects and therefore fear of the unknown. Also, most of the adults in India haven’t actually received a vaccine in their adult lives so it seems really scary to those who fear injections and hospitals. Others worry about actually getting an appointment and going to a vaccination center where they feel that many people may have the possibility of COVID infection, “said Dr. Prabha S. Chandra, professor of psychiatry the NIMHANS, told Bangalore News18.

“The way to deal with anxiety is to talk to someone who has already received the vaccine and find out how they dealt with any arm pain or fever that may have occurred after the vaccination. Find out how a vaccine works. And when in doubt, ask a doctor to provide you with the correct information. Prepare yourself at home beforehand with a pain reliever or paracetamol tablets so that you know how to deal with it if you have a fever or pain. “

The WHO said in its report on vaccination against Covid-19: “Vaccines train our immune system to recognize the targeted virus and to produce antibodies to fight off the disease without getting the disease itself. After vaccination, the body is ready to fight the virus if it is exposed to it later, thus preventing disease. “

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