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Apple’s privacy changes are ready to improve its advertising products


According to Apple Inc.’s new privacy restrictions, advertisers targeting iPhone users will get more data on ad performance when purchasing ad space from Apple than when purchasing through a third party, according to advertising industry executives.

The difference could ultimately give Apple’s small but growing advertising business an edge over competitors, say advertising managers and app makers.

Apple’s newest operating system for iPhones has sparked a firestorm in the advertising industry and beyond by allowing users to track them from apps for promotional purposes – changes that soon mean businesses will have less data on who sees their ads . Apps on Apple’s iOS platform must obtain user permission to track them for promotional purposes.

When targeting users who have opted out of tracking, advertisers who buy ads through third-party platforms have to wait three days to get insights into their campaigns and only get aggregated information, e.g. advertising, said people who worked with Apple’s promotional products are familiar.

Advertisers who buy Apple ad space can get more data on user behavior, the people said. You can find out which version of your ads users have seen and which search terms were used to display ads. These advertisers will get results in almost real time, people said.


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