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House spokeswoman Gbajabiamila sneaks into Twitter Spaces amid the Buhari ban


President Muhammadu Buhari Twitter banned in June, with information minister Lai Mohammed claims that the microblogging platform “undermines Nigeria’s corporate existence”.

The Twitter ban came after the social media company removed one of the president’s tweets for violating its rules.

Thousands of young Nigerians have Virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent the ban by switching telcos off Twitter since the ban came into force.

And on Sunday August 8th, Gbajabiamila must have found her way to Nigerian Twitter with a VPN to talk to thousands of Nigerians about the state of the nation and why voting is important.

All high-ranking government officials, agencies, ministers, lawmakers, legislators, members of the APC and the talking heads of the Presidency have stayed away from Twitter out of deference and deference since the ban President and Commander in Chief Muhammadu Buhari who distracted a question about the duration of the ban during a television interview.

On June 8, the Gbajabiamila House of Representatives rejected a motion that would have lifted the president’s Twitter ban.

Buhari’s decision to cease operating Twitter in Africa’s most populous nation and largest economy has cost the association more than N150.46 billion ($ 366.88 million) and shaken its coffers, a recently released report said .


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