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Pro-Biden Group launches advertising campaign to promote its agenda in Swing States


WASHINGTON – A new group dedicated to promoting President Biden’s ambitious agenda is launching a multi-million dollar publicity campaign that trumpeted his Covid recovery package and infrastructure proposal while contrasting Mr Biden’s low-key style with that of his bombastic predecessor.

Building Back Together, a progressive organization led by Biden allies, will be broadcasting minute-long television commercials next week in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin highlighting the president’s response to the coronavirus and sweeping economic plans. The group plans to spend over $ 3 million over a month, including a shorter ad that will appear on digital platforms in the same four states and North Carolina.

Both spots differentiate Mr Biden’s approach from that of former President Donald J. Trump.

“You won’t hear him scream or angry tweets, because actions speak louder for Joe Biden,” said a spokesperson on the TV ad.

The shorter digital advertisement concludes: “No drama, just results”.

The strategy shows how determined the Democrats are to fight Trump effectively. He may no longer be in the White House and banned from sending angry or abusive tweets, but his approval ratings have gotten even lower since he left the presidency and he remains the best slide for Mr Biden, who has been unusually restrained for a new president .

In the meantime, Mr Biden is making solid, if not spectacular, initial traces, a reflection of the country’s deep polarization.

As he turns to an extensive and expensive menu of national proposals aimed at stimulating the economy, fighting poverty and tackling climate change, his supporters hope to gain the support of the voters who helped him win last year have helped, in part by reminding them of Mr. Biden’s predecessor.

“The message is simple: chaos is out, expertise is in, and help is there for the Americans,” said Stephanie Cutter, a Building Back Together advisor who is close to Mr. Biden and senior West Wing officials.

The group, first reported in February, has aired in high-priced, high-profile markets: Las Vegas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee, and Scranton, Pennsylvania, the home of Mr. Biden. The group has conducted a close scrutiny as it has announced that it will not disclose the identity of its donors.

The ads aim to attract people of color, upscale white suburbs, and the smaller white working class group who have moved from supporting Mr. Trump in 2016 to supporting Mr. Biden in 2020. Building Back Together is particularly focused on sustaining this type of vote from independent or even Republican voters who supported Mr Biden but may have voted for GOP candidates lower down on the ballot.

The goal of this and future commercial flashes, officials say, is to try to cement the president’s new coalition by reminding them of what they may not have liked about Mr Trump and by introducing Mr Biden’s agenda. They hope that by mixing television and digital, they will reach voters across platforms and throughout the day.

Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are not only crucial president battlefields, but also have some of the most important races for next year’s Senate and governor races.

These new efforts, aimed primarily at promoting Mr Biden, could also help Democratic candidates in those states whose fates at half-time will in large part depend on the president’s popularity. Many in the party, including Mr Biden himself, said earlier this year that former President Barack Obama did not do enough to highlight his early agenda and paid a price for it in the 2010 midterm elections.

This is the group’s first advertising campaign, but the organization intends to be the main external group for Mr Biden at least until next year’s mid-term elections. The name comes from the president’s campaign slogan, which has become an abbreviation for his post-Covid economic proposals.


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