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New democratic advertising campaign ties GOP to QAnon


As Republicans argue over how to deal with MP Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia QAnon supporter who peddles a number of false conspiracy theories, Democrats take up power struggles to make her the avatar for a number of GOP lawmakers close.

The Democratic Congress campaign committee on Tuesday launched a $ 500,000 advertising campaign on television and online to engage eight Republicans in the House of Representatives, including California MP Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader, with Ms. Greene and QAnon to help them to force Ms. Green to give a public confirmation.

“Congressman Don Bacon,” agrees a menacing voice in the ad targeting the Nebraska Republican, “he was with Q, not you.”

The strategy is similar to what Republicans used last summer during protests against racial injustice against Democrats when they tried to portray all Democrats as if they were pushing to disappoint the police, including President Biden, who said repeatedly that he is not for it.

With the release of the QAnon-focused ads this week, the Democrats hit a raw nerve in the Republican Party. Ms. Greene’s radical remarks – she indicated her support for the execution of Democratic politicians a few years ago – have alarmed even Republicans and Democrats. On Monday, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, said the “crazy lies and conspiracy theories” advocated by Ms. Greene equated to a “cancer” in the party.

Like the Republican ads that flooded the airwaves with grainy images of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last year, the Democratic ads show Ms. Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who have also expressed support for QAnon, as do the candidates attacking them.

“QAnon, a conspiracy theory born online, has taken over the Republican Party,” said the ad spokesman as images of Ms. Greene and Ms. Boebert flash on the screen. “Sending supporters to Congress and instigating a mob with Donald Trump that attacked the Capitol and murdered a police officer.”

QAnon is a widespread internet conspiracy theory that falsely claims that the world is ruled by a cabal of satan-worshiping pedophiles who conspire against former President Donald J. Trump.

The Democrats in Washington have adopted Ms. Greene as the post-Trump Republican Party symbol to raise her profile to split the GOP while forcing Republicans to vote on whether she can stay on House Committees. On Saturday, the press office of spokeswoman Nancy Pelosis published a press release with the headline “Minority Leader McCarthy (̶G̶O̶P̶) ̶. (QAnon) hugs Marjorie Taylor Greene. “

Ms Greene has used the riot to raise funds and to emphasize her connection with Mr Trump, essentially challenging Mr McCarthy to discipline her at the risk of alienating Mr Trump and those of the party’s grassroots voters who accept his conspiracy theories. On Saturday, two days after Mr. McCarthy’s meeting with Mr. Trump in Florida, Ms. Greene tweeted that she too had spoken to the former president and that he had offered encouragement.

Mr McCarthy is due to meet with Ms Greene later this week, caught between Mr Trump’s support for her and Mr McConnell’s conviction.

The Democrats’ new ads made no distinction between Republicans who voted to overturn the electoral college results and those who didn’t. Of the eight Republicans targeted, only Mr. McCarthy and Representatives Mike Garcia of California and Beth Van Duyne of Texas protested Mr. Biden’s victory. Separate advertisements are also directed to Mr. Bacon and Representatives Maria Elvira Salazar from Florida, Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania, and Young Kim and Michelle Steel from California.

Each of the incumbents voted against the impeachment of Mr. Trump.

“Washington Republicans have made their choice – they have chosen to give in to the murderous Q-Anon mob that has taken over their party,” said New York MP Sean Patrick Maloney, chairman of the Democratic Congress election committee. “Your actions have made one thing clear – no American will be safe from the QAnon mob when the Washington Republicans are in power.”


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