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Buknoy’s talent agency criticizes “Fake News” about his alleged arrest


Buknoy Glamurrr’s talent agency Star Image Artist Management criticized reports on Friday that the vlogger had been arrested for mixing orange juice powder with holy water, calling it “fake news”.

Star Image Artist Management went to Facebook to clarify their talent and said, “Yes, Buknoy has made mistakes in the past, but spreading fake news and ridiculing the Catholic Church is godless.”

“Please be a responsible site owner,” added Star Image, turning to the Facebook page that allegedly started the prank.

“For Philippine Star, your logo will be used / impersonated to distribute this immoral type of post. Please act accordingly,” added the agency.

The previous Friday, a post from Buknoy was circulating on social media with the words “Buknoy Glamurrr was arrested in Quezon City”. It also had an image that mimicked the Philippine Star logo and read “Philippine St4r”.

The Post alleged that Buknoy was allegedly arrested after stirring orange juice powder into the holy water of St. Paul the Apostle Parish Church in Quezon City as a prank for his vlog. According to the Post, Buknoy was allegedly placed under the custody of Quezon City Police Department for violating the community’s expanded quarantine guidelines.

At the time of writing, the fake information post has already generated more than 78,000 reactions and 53,000 reshares on Facebook.

The user @justbuknoy posted a few photos of the vlogger on Twitter and said, “Stop spreading fake news. Undisturbed as always.” – Kaela Malig / LA, GMA News


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