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During the interview with Dan Bongino, Ron DeSantis said the CDC would mask children “indefinitely.”


government Ron DeSantis its rhetorical offensive against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the same day Florida set a record for COVID-19 diagnosis.

The governor already has prohibited mask requirement in Florida schools, which means the local counties cannot charge them, but they can be worn. Nevertheless, he blew up the federal government on Saturday evening.

Featuring during a Fox News hit on Unfiltered Dan Bongino, DeSantis suggested that the CDC want to mask students “indefinitely,” adding that schools are “perfect” for guidelines on masking requirements.

“One of the dangers I currently feel about wearing a mask – I think a lot of these bureaucratic authorities will say, ‘Hey, we mask ourselves for COVID, flu is more dangerous to children than COVID. Maybe they have to mask the kids every flu season. ‘”

“And then it just never stops. And I think if it were up to the CDC they would probably just have kids in masks indefinitely.

DeSantis, who said he won’t see Florida kids “mouth dead“Said,” this is not a partisan issue. “

“Parents have to deal with it in real time. Just like last summer, there was such hysteria because Florida was going to school in person five days a week and the media was making a riot, ”DeSantis said.

He reiterated his claim that parents will resist masks because they want their children to be “normal” and “schools really are the perfect place for that because they are one of the lowest risk environments we have for COVID,” and the data on this are very clear. “

DeSantis’ executive order banning mask mandates suggests that districts that fail to comply may cut their funds.

The authorized education officer Richard Corcoran Under the direction of the governor, “to use all available legal means to ensure that school districts comply with Florida law, including, but not limited to, withholding government funds from non-compliant school authorities that violate rules or regulations”. The order took effect immediately.

“If the State Board of Education determines that a district school board is unwilling or unable to comply with the law, the State Board has the authority to withhold, among other things, the transfer of state funds, discretionary grant funds, arbitrary lottery funds, or any other means which have been determined by the legislature as eligible for this purpose until the school district complies with the law or the regulation of the state board and declares the school district ineligible. “

While the governor continues to speak against virus restrictionists, his political committee continues to market the message.

An email from the Friends of Ron DeSantis political committee on Saturday linked lockdowns and globalism in a message tailored to the GOP primary voters of 2024 in the early states.

“These politicians and government bureaucrats got a taste of power before, and now they’re hungry for more,” read the text allegedly signed by DeSantis. “These lockdown politicians are globalists who refuse to hold China accountable. They want to control you, and if we’re not strong now who knows what they’re going to try next to take away. “

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