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The need for media literacy and political education is not just for students (opinion)


On Thursday, January 28th, I hosted a chat with Jennifer Kavanagh and Alice Huguet of Rand Corp for A Seat at the Table during Education Week. Kavanagh is the Director of Strategy, Teaching and Resource Programs at the RAND Arroyo Center and she is a senior political scientist at RAND Corp. She also leads the RAND Countering Truth Decay initiative, a portfolio of projects examining the decreasing reliance on fact and analysis in US political and civil discourse.

Huguet is a political researcher at RAND. She is interested in K-12 educational policies that affect the academic and life chances of students in urban schools. Huguet’s research explores a wide variety of topics, including evidence-based decision-making; social and emotional learning; Media literacy education; alternative teacher preparation programs; Principal; and data and teaching coaching.

During the conversation we discussed truth versus facts; the need for media literacy and civic education, not only for students but also for adults; and the story of the truth declines in our country from the beginning. Click here to register and watch the show on demand. Well worth the hour.

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