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Media Literacy

Support the School Media Literacy Act – The Durango Herald


Many of us have learned to decipher media in much simpler times. We had a limited number of news outlets, most of which followed the same standards of reporting. All our teachers and librarians had to do was teach us how to navigate these sources and determine the editor’s bias while we decided where we stood on the subjects.

This standard of reporting and sources of information have changed dramatically over the years, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that we need new ways to teach students how to use the media. How is the truth determined today?

Teachers and librarians need the training and tools to teach our future citizens. Revising curricula is not an easy task. This is not effective without the support of the state governments. who have the resources to devote themselves to the effort.

We are proud to have our state congressional leaders, Rep. Barbara McLaughlin and Senator Don Coram, sponsoring HB21-1103 (Media Literacy Implementation). This law would provide funds to create and maintain non-partisan curriculum materials, resources, and technical support that are available to all school districts and charter schools.

McLaughlin stated, “Studying media literacy does not lead students in an ideological direction, it gives them the tools to analyze information and form their own opinions based on facts and evidence.” Please support HB21-1103.

Kim Martin, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Southwest La Plata Library District Hesperus


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