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The growing importance of media literacy


Published: 12/6/2016 3:05:01 AM

In this era of fake news, where even the pursuit of truth is becoming politicized, it is encouraging to read about Concord High School’s nearly two decades of dedication to turning students into savvy information consumers.

Monitor reporter Ella Nilsen wrote about the school’s media literacy program on Monday, and we feel it is important to isolate and highlight some paragraphs from her story for readers who may have mistakenly concluded that the school’s approach itself is weird .

Nilsen wrote, “At Concord, teachers said their focus was more on teaching students basic media concepts than dealing with political arguments. “You have to keep in mind that they are not yet adults,” said Kaileen Chilauskas, director of the high school’s English department. “With the choice. . . they were so overwhelmed by the inaccuracy. They are not sure who to trust, who is going to give them the correct information. ‘ Students go through the core concepts of who created a message, why the message is being sent, what information in a message might be left out, and how other people might perceive the message differently. “

In short, the purpose of the program is to teach critical thinking skills that are neither left nor right, but truth itself.

We understand that the political wounds of a controversial election season are still open, but we hope that people of all political stripes will follow Concord High’s media literacy program and actively question their own assumptions and perceptions in the honorable pursuit of enlightenment.


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