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Conservative media offers mixed messages on the COVID-19 vaccine | Government and politics


Two recent exchanges on Fox News Channel’s popular morning show “Fox & Friends” illustrated the mixed message.

During a discussion of Los Angeles County’s decision to reintroduce the mandate to wear masks indoors, even if people are vaccinated, innkeeper Lawrence Jones said, “People are saying, ‘Why get the vaccine if you’re not going back to normal become? What’s the use of doing it? Why?'”

“Well, you won’t die,” replied colleague Steve Doocy. “That is a good reason.”

Arguably Fox’s most influential vaccination figure, Doocy also met co-host Brian Kilmeade on Monday when he said people shouldn’t be convicted if they choose not to get the vaccine. Doocy responded that the vast majority of people who die from COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

“That’s your choice,” Kilmeade replied.

Several personalities on the Fox News Channel – including Bill Hemmer, Dana Perino, Bret Baier, Greg Gutfeld and the three-person morning team “Fox & Friends” – have been vaccinated and their status published. Rupert Murdoch, the founder of the network, was also stabbed.

The prime-time presenters, who consistently have the largest audience, keep their status to themselves, even though Hannity said he would be vaccinated. When Carlson was asked directly by two journalists if he had been vaccinated, he responded by asking what their preferred sex position was – his way of saying it was too personal a question.


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