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Why teaching media skills is important in election years


The state of collective consumption of news and media in the United States is tumultuous at best – over the past few years, social media, suspicion and more have made grappling with the country’s new organizations a complex but vital task.

Bites Media was formed after what the company described in 2017 as a time when “respect and commitment from trusted news organizations were at an all-time low.”

Bites Media’s unique goal is to leverage the experience of both CEO and Co-Founder Nick Farrell and Co-Founder and Education Director Emily David to reinvigorate America’s news organization and, in turn, its democracy. To make this vision a reality, Bites Media focuses on middle and high school students.

On this episode of the Voices of eLearning, Farrell and David sat down with host JW Marshall to describe exactly how Bites teaches these students from undergraduate and graduate students of journalism.

The platform also offers educators the opportunity to follow how their students interact with the platform in the form of short quizzes and analysis.

“Our platform tracks how much time students spend on each of these multimedia assets,” said David. “Teachers receive a data report on the time each individual student has spent on an article and then across the platform.”

These insights help teachers understand how understanding and consumption are related, and how use of the platform can be adjusted to deliver the optimal experience.

Stay tuned for a new episode on Thursday!


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