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Media Literacy

Turn media skills into civic engagement


To be an informed contribution to America’s democratic practices and principles requires strong media literacy. Without it, even the most civic will find it difficult to assess and interpret the mass of information in the world.

Jeff Knutson, content strategist and senior producer for Common Sense Education, realizes how difficult it is for students to negotiate media. In an edWebinar sponsored by Common Sense Education, Knutson outlined how teachers can help their students strengthen their media literacy in order to be knowledgeable about civic engagement.

See vs. Understand

Young people are early adopters of TikTok or use Snapchat and tend to get most of their messages through social media. Being tech savvy gives the impression that they can interpret messages well. That’s not the case. You are actually struggling with the complexity of current affairs and politics.

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Social media platforms are not necessarily the best place to find factual news or information. Through them, people learn to tell stories, typically in the form of confusing headlines (intended to be distracting) with articles that have the heart of the story but consumers won’t read. What really happens isn’t usually translated in a Twitter or Facebook feed.

Michele Israel

Michele Israel writes on the ideas and best practices that are shared in edWeb’s edWebinars so they can spread innovative and best practices in the educational community. Michele owns Michele Israel Consulting, LLC, which serves educational, nonprofit, media, corporate, e-learning, and blended learning organizations large and small to endorse products and programs. Her rich career spans over 25 years of successful development of educational materials and resources, conception and moderation of training courses, preparation of communication materials and grant applications, and support in organizational and program development. In addition to lesson plans and other teaching resources, Michele’s portfolio includes published articles on a range of educational and business topics.

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