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If you don’t verify yourself before sharing fake news, you are helping to spread it


“One thing I want to say is that I committed a paap (sin) on social media. But sometimes mistakes happen. If you don’t verify yourself before sharing fake news, you are helping to spread it. I committed this sin would urge everyone not to post negative tweets, “Rawal said.

“If you complain against me, you can write me a DM instead of posting it publicly. This medium is so strong, powerful and indispensable in this day and age, we should use it well,” he suggested.

During a conversation with IANS, the Padma Shri recipient actor also spoke about the tendency on social media to draw conclusions without understanding a problem. He cites the example of the reaction seen by many when the Prime Minister asked citizens to slap plates and clap their hands at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year.

“Some people made fun of whether hitting plates or clapping their hands would scare away the coronavirus. They did not understand that this was being done to recognize the hard work of our health workers, cleaners and our police force. I’m not saying this on behalf of every party, but it doesn’t look good to turn this into a joke. That should be understood. They work hard so that you can all stay safe in your homes, “said the actor-politician and former MP for Lok Sabha.

“I’ve seen so many deaths among friends and family, even young people die. I know life is short, but I didn’t know it was that short today. The other thing is compassion. The way our workers left this city has been painful. We are indians. If we let go of compassion, what will we have left? “

On the labor front, Rawal returns in the upcoming Priyadarshan comedy “Hungama 2”. He sounds excited at the mention of the film.

“First of all, I’m excited because Hungama 2 is coming to Hungama for 18 years, and I also work with Priyan ji for ages. The plot, the characters, the background, the co-actors – everything is different. But one thing in common is it “is a clean family entertainer like Hungama and a very airy comedy that people will enjoy.”

“Hungama 2” appears digitally. Would he miss the big screen?

“To be honest, the large-screen film comes on television within a few weeks and even (pirated copies) on the cell phone on the same day. Yes, there is an infatuation with the big screen, but you have to look at reality based on the present and embrace it. When large screens are functional again, films will be released there again. No producer wants a loss for his film. Instead of placing the film in uncertainty, it is better to secure it, “the actor replied.

Rawal is known for his weird timing. His performances in comic roles have always stood out, inspired others. What’s the trick?

“Only one thing – that you have to do justice to the character. Don’t think that you are playing a funny or a serious or tragic role, never think like that, just stick with your character. Whether comedy or serious, the content and the dialogues of this scene and your director will decide, you don’t have to decide. You just meet the character’s requirements, “he replied hey.

Paresh Rawal’s son Aditya also follows in his father’s footsteps into acting. What suggestion did he give Aditya?

“I think he’s fine. He’s honest, good, sincere and hardworking. I don’t have to teach him any of this. I just tell him ‘dil laga ke kaam karo (put your heart into what you do)”‘ , and just as your father comes home after finishing his work for the day, so do you. Don’t mess with anyone, don’t get into controversy. Just focus on your work. In this matter, I consider Danny Denzongpa my ideal, “concluded Rawal with a smile.

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