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Media Literacy

Why media literacy goes beyond trustworthy sources


In this MarketScale TV interview, Todd Brekhus, Chief Product Officer for Edtech Solutions Renaissance, speaks to Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin about the importance of media literacy in today’s educational landscape and how solutions like Renaissance help make it a seamless part of the K-12 curriculum.

“A lack of information can be harmful. A lack of knowledge is very harmful to a society and culture. We need more information, we need more knowledge, we need more curiosity. ”- Todd Brekhus

Brekhus helps explain why media literacy is still an issue in schools today, and how a lack of critical analysis of content consumption can have knock-on effects for students. He and Litwin delve into Renaissance’s strategies for media literacy, including what defines a source as reliable, how power analysis and understanding bias and understanding of content as creators promote media literacy, and how educators incorporate media literacy into their curriculum in a way design that feels smooth to the student, but also engaging and insightful?

Renaissance learning platforms, used in over a third of US schools and in more than 100 countries worldwide, have made media literacy an integral part of their solutions by developing a proprietary media literacy tool. myON news. Earlier this year, the company offered unlimited, free access from February 1st to 7th to his myON news service. Brekhus also offers insights into the impact of this campaign.


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