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Coronavirus: US-style attack reports are supposed to put pressure on Trudeau to reopen the border


TORONTO – A concerned citizen uses American-style political aggression ads to pressure Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and United States President Joe Biden to reopen the border to fully vaccinated Americans.

The ad has already aired in several U.S. frontier markets, including the Niagara, Buffalo, Detroit and Washington State area, but will air in Toronto and Ottawa markets next week.

“President Biden, Prime Minister Trudeau, my fiancée and I are separated by your closed border,” said one woman in the commercial. “It’s just politics for you, but it’s a prison for us.”

In total, the ad ran 153 times in certain border areas in the US at a cost of $ 2,700, funded primarily by a GoFundMe that raised more than $ 16,000 as of Thursday night.

John Adams, who is primarily responsible for the ads, lives in Florida and has a second home on Vancouver Island, which he has not been able to visit since September 2019.

“I decided that the government would just kick the can,” Adams told CTV News. “I’ve done things like this before, I said, ‘I’m going to stop her from kicking the can down the street. I’m going to give them something to deal with. ‘”

“I decided to throw a bobcat in the middle of the sleeping politicians and my ads came booming.”

Adams focused primarily on helping people denied access to their property in Canada, but quickly learned of people whose families are separated by the border.

“I hadn’t even signed up with separated families and loved ones until I started getting calls,” he said. “I actually changed my display from version one to version two to include that segment there.”

Jaslyn Declercq of Ontario donated to the fundraiser out of frustration at not being able to see her partner who lives in Ohio.

“I can handle a lot, but my children’s injury is a breaking point,” she said.

The border between Canada and the US has been closed since March 2020 and is currently valid until June 21, but could be extended further.

On Thursday, the White House said the US had made no decisions on when or how to reopen the border and rejected a report suggesting the border closure would end on June 22.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office told The Canadian Press Thursday that 75 percent of Canadians would need to be vaccinated before restrictions can be lifted.

According to CTVNews.ca’s vaccine tracker, 54 percent of Canadians received at least one dose of the vaccine, while 49 percent of Americans received one dose.

Trudeau himself told reporters on Thursday that the dialogue between Canada and the US was continuing and both sides were calling for the border to be reopened.

“The talks with the US administration are ongoing because there is great zeal on all sides to return to normal,” said Trudeau on Thursday.

Last week, U.S. Senate Majority Leader and New York Senator Chuck Schumer urged Canada to reopen the U.S. border with a four-point plan that included increasing support for border officials and improving clarity for those that were affected by the closure.

“At the beginning – and at the height – of the pandemic, it was understandable that such drastic measures were taken, we know a lot more about the virus than we knew in March last year and are making strong gains against it.” . “Since vaccination rates went up, overall rates have been falling and New York will reopen today based on the data. It is time to take the first steps to reopen the northern border for non-essential travel. “

While Americans seem eager to get back to normal life, this cannot be said of the Canadians. A poll earlier this week showed that 52 percent of Canadians are somewhat concerned about a return to pre-pandemic life.

With files from The Canadian Press


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