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Media Literacy

Learning media literacy | The speaker review


Trudy Rubin’s article on Friday (“The Future of US Media Is Threatened by Open Lies,” May 7th) reveals the reality of how irresponsible media shapes our world and culture. What we’ve seen over the past few years is a clear delusion.

Rubin is right that the current media landscape poses a threat to democracy. That is why the Northwest Alliance for Media Literacy (formerly Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media) is more important than ever. For 20 years, we have sought to create a thriving media culture by empowering adolescents and adults to be critical media consumers and promoting media practices that create a more conscientious environment for all of us. We are a diverse group that encourages members of our community to use the power of the media responsibly, conscientiously, consciously and integratively. Through workshops, presentations and community forums, we get our community involved in topics such as cyberbullying and fake news. We offer teachers lifelong learning to critically question our changing media world.

Regarding media literacy, we are unfortunately like a third world country, which is why we are committed to integrating media literacy into our public curriculum.

If you want to learn more about our work, better spot lies and deceit in media messages, fight cyberbullying or join our organization, please find us at nwaresponsiblemedia.org or on Facebook. We have many free learning tools available.

John S. Caputo, Ph.D., executive director

Carolyn Cunningham, Ph.D., director


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