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Media Literacy

Colorado Media Literacy Act signed by Jan Wondra


This morning Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed Act HB21-1103, known as the Media Literacy Implementation Act. It approves the implementation of the recommendations of the Media Literacy Advisory Committee in Elementary and Secondary Education, originally created by House Bill 19-1110.

Media literacy encompasses the practices that enable people to access, critically evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms. Gaining media literacy does not mean memorizing facts or statistics about the media, but rather learning to ask the right questions about what you see, read or see. Children in particular absorb a wide variety of media, whether their parents are aware of it or not, and disinformation on social media in particular can make children more susceptible to manipulation.

The bill requires the Colorado Department of Education to create and maintain an online resource bank of media literacy materials and resources for school districts, charter schools, institute charter schools, or boards of cooperative services. The resource bank must contain at least the materials and resources recommended in the media literacy advisory committee report.

It requires the state Department of Education to review and pass revisions that implement media literacy into literacy and citizenship standards.

While the department is responsible for the rules, it is also tasked with implementing procedures that allow for comments recommending either the removal or inclusion of a material or resource in the resource bank.

The bill requires that the department, upon request of a school district, charter school, institute charter school or cooperative services committee and subject to available resources, provide a school district, charter school, institute charter school or board of cooperative services with the implementation of policies and procedures, best practices and Recommendations related to media literacy.


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