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Violent protests will have a negative impact on the economy, says the political scientist


By Tarryn-Leigh Solomons 07/12/2021

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THE violent protest that broke out in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal will have a detrimental effect on the already ailing economy, political scientist Zakhele Ndlovu said on Monday.

The protests were triggered by the sentencing of former President Jacob Zuma to 15 months in prison for disobeying the court.

Ndlovu said investors were likely to lose interest in investing in South Africa as the country exhibited high levels of lawlessness.

“Our economy is in bad shape and we will not recover if we continue to see this level of violence and looting,” he said.

Commenting on the excitement caused by statements by President Cyril Ramaphosa suggesting ethnic mobilization, Ndlovu noted people complaining about his statements on social media.

“We see this violence in provinces where there is a strong presence of Zulu speakers – KZN and Gauteng. This type of violence is not expected in other provinces, ”he said.

Ndlovu said that criminal elements had unfortunately taken power and used the protests as an opportunity to pillage.

“South Africa has become a land of lawlessness. We have allowed lawlessness to take root. So if people see an opportunity to encourage their criminal activity, it is because they can get away with breaking the law, ”he said.

“Then we have the problem of poverty… if people see an opportunity to loot, they will. This is also due to the former president, who resisted the Constitutional Court for a long time, although he should have cooperated and set a good example, ”said Ndlovu.

“I think Zuma and some of the ANC members in the Zuma faction are to blame for what is going on in the country.”

He also said the ANC would be affected by the violent protests.

“The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal may be very concerned about losing support in the run-up to the local elections,” said Ndlovu.


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