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Media Literacy

Media literacy training for young people in times of social change


A webinar on “What We Can Do For Peace: Media Literacy” was held online.

The program was hosted by the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light Public Relations Division (HWPL) and the International Youth Peace Group (IPYG), and attended with an instructor, Mr. Nabeel Tirmazi, a broadcast advisor and program manager for Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) and 40 young people and journalists from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

According to HWPL, an international peace organization affiliated with UN ECOSOC, media literacy education can promote the development of democracy and citizens’ right to active decision-making through necessary knowledge and technical education so that citizens around the world can live critically and actively live media consumers.

The first part of the lecture was titled “Media Literacy & Netizenship in the Age of Disinformation”, the second under the title “Media Literacy for Peace”.

In February, Mr. Nabeel Tirmazi gave a lecture on “Media in times of infodemia” in an international webinar on Asian and African media organized by the HWPL. In his presentation he emphasized the importance of media literacy education and the right network citizenship in order to find and claim truth.

The Public Relations Department of the HWPL noted, “Citizens should distinguish misinformation and disinformation through media literacy and obtain useful information from various media to make their lives more positive and productive” and “Our lives can develop and we can achieve peace when the producers, consumers and distributors of the media play their roles properly. ”

Mr. Mostafijur Rahman Nasim, Senior Editor of Risingbd, said, “The number of online users does not verify information on the Internet. Even the smart people like college students spread hoaxes or propaganda that publishes fake news and information. So this type of online awareness program can play a crucial role. “

Abdus Sabur, Press Assistant Manager of Young Power Social in Action (YPSA), said, “It will be able to improve young people’s democratic civic awareness by understanding the new mechanisms of the media through media literacy.” And “Bangladesh, the illiteracy rate is high and young people use a lot of social media. Therefore, the development of media skills for young people in this situation is essential. “

In order to promote youth leadership with democratic communication skills, the HWPL plans to continue offering media literacy training for South Asian youth organizations that seek real media and demand peace in the future.


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