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The message of the COVID display was misinterpreted


Health Secretary Greg Hunt said the government held the “more challenging ad” when it was needed and Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly approved its publication.

“[It is] a purposely constructed ad that was created in anticipation of a major outbreak, ”he said.

“It’s a challenge and a confrontation, but we know that young people can play a huge role in preventing the spread of COVID by simply staying at home.”

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said he was not a fan of graphic and scary ads, especially since he was around someone gasping for breath when he died.

“I believe that you have to give people information, not scare them mindlessly, and people know what the effects are,” he told Channel Seven’s Sunrise show on Monday morning.


Professor Leask said the “Arm Yourself” ads are very safe with their “tired military metaphor”. However, she expected them to meet government requirements in light of the vaccine supply shortages.

“Once you have vaccines, I look forward to a lot more inspirational campaigns,” she said, adding that there needs to be a wider range of messages that appeal to more than just a “hyper-masculine front” to target different ones Municipalities.

Siimon Reynolds, who created the Grim Reaper AIDS awareness ads in the 1980s, says the Arm Yourself campaign is a classic example of people with no marketing experience dictating what to do.

“You can’t bore people into trading. You have to make them do it, ”he writes in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

“We are left with a very common ad that says little more than ‘get vaccinated,’ an admonition that we have been hearing for many weeks.”

He thinks that the ad with the woman struggling to breathe is much better because it is convincing and stands out.

“We need to see more of this type of marketing and a lot less of the ‘Arm Yourself’ type. And we need it fast, ”he said.


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