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Former Torċa editor replaces Reno Bugeja as chairman of the media literacy committee


Alexander Farrugia, a former editor of the GWU newspaper Torċa, has been appointed chairman of the Media Literacy Development Board, replacing the current chairman Reno Bugeja.

Farrugia spent fifteen years in journalism, seven of them as a news editor. He previously studied philosophy and history at a master’s level and is now visiting professor for critical theory at the University of Malta.

In a government statement, Minister Carmelo Abela thanked Reno Bugeja for his work over the past few months, with Bugeja initiating important discussions on how to proceed with media literacy.

Abela wished Farrugia the best of luck in this position.

The Media Literacy Development Board was established late last year with the aim of helping citizens and children spot real messages from fake content.


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